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Learn & Play Spotlight: Catalyst Magazine

by Alyx Couch

When we think of news, especially in the past couple of years, we have a tendency to think of the biggest news outlets, like the New York Times or if we think locally, we think of outlets like The Salt Lake Tribune. Maybe we think of internet news sources like The Huffington Post or even Buzzfeed. Here in Salt Lake City, we have a couple of countercultural news sources: SLUG Magazine and Catalyst Magazine. Both SLUG and Catalyst are free new sources, both dedicated to alternative lifestyles in Salt Lake, but my focus will be on Catalyst Magazine due to the fact that they are a bit lesser-known, with about one-third of the followers on Facebook, and because of their non-profit status and their dedication to sustainability and community resilience.

Since the dawn of the internet, information of all kinds has been widely available for anyone who has access to a computer or cell phone with data capabilities. Wikipedia is a good example of a free information source, and they are able to stay free because of users who donate, and they have been around for a long time because of this. Catalyst was started in 1982, and they identify their growth as organic. Being a non-profit, they rely on both one-time donations and monthly donations from subscribers of the magazine. Members of our community donate to organizations like this because they desire news and information that is locally rooted, written and owned by local people tied to Salt Lake City and Utah.

Catalyst’s website is divided into a handful of sections, with subsections under each of those. The community calendar boasts a plethora of community events, from art and music, to gardening and the outdoors, to DIY events and even a Bee Festival put on by the magazine at Wasatch Community Gardens.  There are multiple events for community members to get involved in every day, so if social media is not your preferred way to find out about events, this is a great resource. Catalyst published an article at the end of 2016 about the Utah Resilience Map, as well, in order to highlight the ability of Utahns to come together and create a community of adaptability and resilience. You can donate or subscribe to Catalyst Magazine on their website, electronically or you can request the print version. ⚘



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